Saturday, July 15, 2017

The age of ULTIMATEness!

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A new age for mtDNA Atlas has begun; The age ULTIMATEness!! This new age is named after ‘ULTIMATE’ which is a spreadsheet of mine that currently contains 33,185 mtDNA samples. I won’t share ULTIMATE with anyone.

ULTIMATE allows me to look at mtDNA data at angles I could never do before. Thanks to ULTIMATE my knowledge of West Eurasian mtDNA has quadrupled over the past month. Stay tuned for some interesting posts in the second half of 2017.

ULTIMATE can show me the distribution of any mtDNA haplogroup or mtDNA haplotype in the blink of an eye.

I used ULTIMATE to do a haplotype analysis of about 20,000 samples from Europe and the Middle East. What I found is pretty interesting. Most of the stuff I've learned I'm going to keep top secret for a while. I have lots of new theories on the ancient origin of mHGs that I will post about soon. I think many of you will find them interesting.

Haplotype sharing correlates with geography pretty well. Because of my haplotype analysis of West Eurasia I can classify about 10% of the mtDNA in every population in West Eurasia to a specific sub region such as Iberia or Balkans or Eastern Europe.

Here’s an introduction to what will be the new norm on this blog.

Haplotype sharing results.





  1. I look forward to your discoveries,..that you will share! Maybe you can figure out a general area where the haplogroup singletons of mtDNA H6a1a (H6a1a1, H6a1a2, H6a1a3,H6a1a5,..etc ) were born?

    1. Thanks, jv. I'm trying to learn about H6a1 like all popular haplogroup. Hopefully I'll have something to say about it soon.

  2. This sounds super-exciting! What would ULTIMATE say about Haplogroup H1f1 + Extra Mutations 315.1C 522.1A 522.2C ?

  3. Is there any information on where and when H6a1a5 arose?